John Barell is a writer, educator and Old Antarctic Explorer living in New York City.  He first dreamt of exploring Antarctica at the age of thirteen, wrote Admiral Byrd, and met the hero of four expeditions to the southern continent.  Eventually, Barell served as Operations Officer aboard USS Glacier (AGB-4), while creating ship channels for Operation Deepfreeze in McMurdo Sound.

Subsequently, he became an educator in New York City and at Montclair State University (Education and World Literature). Thereafter, Barell served as a consultant to The American Museum of Natural History and commenced a career as a consultant to schools across the country interested in fostering the kind of inquisitiveness that first led him to explore Antarctica.

Author of several professional and personal books.  Visit http://www.morecuriousminds.com.

Other blog on professional and civic issues: http://morecuriousminds.blogspot.com.

See YouTube for professional videos of modeling inquiry in classrooms.



  1. Hey J. Q.— I love your new title or job desription:”Old Antarctic Explorer”.
    Did you ever refer to yourself as a “young”…… or does that reference only
    come with wisdom and seniority? So much fun to read and see pictures.
    Much love, Mit

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